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PROOF: Alexis Sanchez can control the ball with his neck

The question now is, what body part can't he control the ball with?

Lift up your hands in praise.
Lift up your hands in praise.
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Arsenal routed Dinamo Zagreb today 3-0 to keep their Champions League campaign stable. That is to say, it is in critical condition and on life support, but has slightly more positive vitals than 3 hours ago. There were wonderfully worked goals, a smart reaction save by Petr Cech, and an overall solid performance.

And there was this:

I want to print out that video, frame it, and burn candles and incense next to it while praying to it. It is that extraordinary and awe-inspiring. Like all miracles, I assumed I was hallucinating while watching. But, it happened. Hallejuah, it is real.

When has someone ever intentionally controlled a ball with the back of their neck. Don't bother with Google. I have never seen it so it has never happened before.

The question now is, what body part can Alexis Sanchez not control a ball with? (Remember, this is a wholesome, family website.)

He truly is Arsenal's redeemer.