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Arsenal vs. Dinamo Zagreb: Lineups, live stream

Here we go.

Everyone's wearing the cravat now
Everyone's wearing the cravat now
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Day one of the Post-Coquelin Era starts today. Are you ready? Arsenal better be. This is a Very Big Game; as opposed to those "big games" which mean the difference between finishing first and finishing second, this is a game that Arsenal have to win in order to maintain hope of progressing in this year's Champions League at all.

We also have to hope that Bayern do us a solid, or whatever an equivalent German phrase is, and take maximum points from Olympiakos, but that is academic if Arsenal can't do what they couldn't do in September and beat a team they should beat handily.

We all know the injury situation; TL;DR, it's not good. We all know Arsenal can be good with their backs to the wall - this is the biggest wall Arsenal have backed up to in a while, and hopefully Patchwork Arsenal can rise to the challenge and get through/over/around/under said wall.

Arsenal vs. Dinamo Zagreb
UEFA Champions League

Arsenal Stadium, Islington

11.45AM PT/2.45PM ET/7.45PM BT

HOW (to watch):
US: Fox Sports 1, Fox Soccer 2Go
Worldwide info:
Bayern/Olympiakos: ESPN3, Fox Soccer2Go

WHO (to watch):
Lineups here when they're anywhere