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Mikel Arteta leaves West Brom match with possible calf injury

I don't even have a joke here, at this point.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but Mikel Arteta had to leave today's match against West Brom, after suffering what appeared to the naked eye to be a calf injury. Arteta had himself come on as a substitute after Francis Coquelin had to leave in the first half after suffering a knee injury.

When that happened, I said this:

Mikel Arteta came on to replace him in this game, and one would assume that would be the case for the foreseeable future should it be a long-term injury. Arteta's more than capable, if he can stay healthy, but his past year and a half or so doesn't breed a lot of faith that that's possible.

So yeah, guess I called that. heaves the world's heaviest sigh

Mathieu Flamini came on, and since now he's basically the team's only "defensive midfielder," here's hoping his arms don't fall off or something.