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Arsenal vs. West Brom: Lineups, stream info

The Premier League is back!

is that an angry face or a happy face
is that an angry face or a happy face
Julian Finney/Getty Images

By the time this game is over, Arsenal may be in first place. For two hours, at least, until Liverpool helps out by taking points off City. So yeah, this is one of those big games, even though it's not against a big team. You know that old cliche about how "every game is important at this level"? West Brom v. Arsenal is the embodiment of that. West Brom are not a great team - 13th in the table, managed by Tony Pulis, and a song thrush for a mascot, none of which inspire fear - but this will not be an easy game.

Fortunately, JEFF is with us. Will he play? I don't know. But his mere presence on the trip to the West Midlands makes life just that little bit better, doesn't it?

Arsenal vs. West Brom
English Premier League

The Hawthorns, West Bromwich

Saturday. November 21

HOW (to watch):
US: USA Network
Worldwide info:

WHO (to watch):