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Alexis Sanchez close to new Arsenal contract, and Mesut Özil's next

Today: Good news!

high five if you're totally rich
high five if you're totally rich
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The long nightmare that is the interlull is finally over, and with that cessation of whatever the opposite of hostilities is comes some Very Good News, from the mouth (keyboard) of John Cross:

Yep. Everyone's favorite perpetual motion machine, Alexis Sanchez, is about to sign a new £40 million contract that binds him to the club until 2020, which is Good News Part One. Part Two, of course, is that Özil's next; tying those two up to better contracts is a fantastic day's work for the club.

Now if we can just get Mathieu Flamini to assign his patent to Arsenal, thus guaranteeing a revenue stream that would make a Mansour blush, we'd be on to something.