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Wenger sees a 40 team World Cup as a strong possibility

He's not talking about doping any more; he's moved on to FIFA.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Let's continue Arsene Wenger Says Week on TSF, shall we? Today, le boss talked to le mothership about FIFA and about how he sees a larger World Cup as an inevitability:

Why? Because Africa today has five countries in the World Cup and Europe has 13 - that cannot work for much longer. You cannot take countries away from Europe and if you want to be elected as Fifa president, you need the votes from the African countries, so you want to give more to Africa. So the next World Cups will be 40 teams.

The nice thing, at least for me, is that he sees this as a bad idea, because of what it would do to the club calendar:

We face a situation where it's impossible for the players to get through a season and have rest. This kind of friction that it creates between the clubs, national teams and international competitions can create a split. One day the clubs could move away and say, ‘Enough is enough, we pay a huge amount of money for our best players so we'll get them together ourselves and organise our own competitions'.

Wenger sees the current turmoil at FIFA as a great opportunity to reform not just the way FIFA is run, but the way FIFA runs things, and that can't help but be a good thing; FIFA's status quo works for FIFA, but the more crowded the calendar gets, the less it will work for both the clubs who supply the players and for the players themselves, who could find themselves playing more or less year-round if they are on their national teams.