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Mathieu Flamini is a titan of industry and energy innovator

This is certainly one of the weirdest stories we've ever come across.

tfw ur revolutionizing the energy industry
tfw ur revolutionizing the energy industry
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Mathieu Flamini hasn't seen a ton of playing time this year, but it appears that he's been keeping busy anyway. Not with soccer, but with revolutionizing the energy industry.

No, this isn't a joke. It's all too real. From the Daily Mail:

When environmentally-concerned Flamini left Arsenal for AC Milan in 2008, after his first spell in North London, he and his economics graduate, business partner Pasquale Granata founded the company 'GF Biochemicals' in the hope of revolutionising the energy industry.

Since then the 31-year-old has spent millions in research, trials, infrastructure and employee fees but this week Flamini announced that GF (standing for Granata-Flamini) had become the first company on the planet to mass produce Levulinic Acid (LA), which is said to be able to replace oil in all its forms.

Or, basically this:

The LA industry evidently has the potential to be worth £20 billion (or around $30 billion), which is A Lot Of Money. So yeah, in the next ten years or so, we could be looking at a world where Mathieu Flamini is an energy tycoon. The future is extremely weird, guys.