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International update and open thread

Yesterday, there were games. Today, there are more.

I didn't know legs had that many muscles
I didn't know legs had that many muscles
Dan Mullan/Getty Images

The only Arsenal players to see action in internationals yesterday were Alexis Sanchez and David Ospina. They played in the same game, even with said game, a CONMEBOL World Cup qualifier, ending a 1-1 draw. Sanchez didn't score, Ospina didn't do a lot wrong, but he did let in the equalizing goal, so. The best part? Neither one got hurt. Sanchez did play the entire game, which isn't great, but emerging unscathed is good.

Today's action sees...well, a whole bunch of Arsenal players called up. There are too many games to list individually, but should you want to watch any of Arsenal's internationals in action in their various games, go here to find out broadcast information for them, and use this thread as a place to discuss them as they happen, should you want to do such a thing.