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Arsene Wenger named Manager Of The Month

this seems like it is a thing that should happen more.

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

It's right there in the headline, and there's no real embellishment that needs to be put on it - Arsene Wenger was named the Barclays Manager Of The Month for October. This does not, confusing syntax of the award aside, mean that he steered the Highbury Corner branch of Barclays to a record quarter of profits, or oversaw a dramatic rise in people opening accounts there. It just means what we all thought it did - that Arsene Wenger is the best.

Further evidence of that, should you need it, is in an interview with L'Equipe, in which Wenger touches on, among other things, his fear of time:

My relationship with time is filled with anxiety. I'm always fighting against it. That's why I ignore what's in the past.

When pressed further about this, he said

I'm always afraid of being late. Of not being ready. Of not being able to accomplish what I've planned. My relationship with time is distressing in every way. Going back in time, looking back is just as scary. First of all it's scary because there's not as much to come as what has already been lived... The only way to fight time is to not look back too much. If you do, it can make you feel anxious and guilty.

Look. I mean, I could write yet another article about my unrequited love for Arsene Wenger, about how much he's done for the club over the years, and how I hope that someday the whole of Islington is renamed Wengerton or something. But, I've written that article enough, so all I will do at this juncture is point you to the L'Equipe article, let you read it for yourself, and marvel that the interview has almost nothing to do with soccer at a granular level, and is still a marvelous insight into an amazing coach and person.