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Arsenal fined piddling amount for Chelsea dustup

The club owes £30,000 after discipline broke down against Chelsea; the West Londoners owe £40,000.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Following on from the events at Stamford Bridge three weekends ago, where Diego Costa, Laurent Koscielny, and Gabriel were involved a bit of a scrap, the Football Association has doled out the fines for disciplinary breakdowns:

Obviously the amounts here are sort of tokenish for clubs with the fiduciary might of Arsenal and Chelsea, but when I think of having to pay close to seventy thousand dollars for like, punching a wall after I hit my head at work, I get a little dizzy (and not just because I hit my head at work. I probably should consult a physician about my anger issues). I'm sure that, due to the fines, the clubs will never ever be involved in something like this again. We've all learned our lesson. No, we don't think we're special, sir.