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Man Of The Match: Alexis Sanchez

No sense in burying the lede here.

so happy
so happy
Michael Regan/Getty Images

You may have noticed a relative lack of Alexis Sanchez in the "good" section of the GBU post from earlier. There's a reason for that! That reason is that Alexis is, sort of obviously, TSF's Man of the Match.

Let's start with the obvious - those goals. I think my favorite was the backheel, for a lot of reasons - but mostly because Sanchez worked his butt off to get into a good position, made a lethal final run, and also backheels like that are stupid hard to do, and he made it all look supremely straightforward. His second goal was pretty amazing, too, particularly the way he managed to both hold onto a loose pass and also create space for that shot at the same time, but I liked the backheel just a little better.

Another big reason Alexis is MOTM, though, is that he finally looked like himself after a slow start to the season. This was the first game where he looked well and truly back, which is why it's also slightly worrying that the guy who never doesn't play walked off clutching his groin and now has to go play for Chile. Don't injure yourself further, Alexis.