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Arsenal vs. Swansea, Premier League: Time, TV schedule and live stream

It's a trip to Wales for the Gunners today.

He looks like he's about to have some tasty barbecue
He looks like he's about to have some tasty barbecue
Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Once, when driving from London to Cardiff for the 2001 FA Cup final, my London-based friend remarked that he found it funny that Wales was the only country in Europe with an admission charge - driving across the Second Severn Bridge across the River Severn, which forms the border between England and Wales, at the time carried a £4.40 toll (it;'s £6.50 now, apparently). What does this have to do with tomorrow's game, you ask? Nothing! Nothing at all! But at least this paragraph wasn't rife with Halloween-based puns on non-Halloween words. You're welcome.

But it's a story about Wales, where Arsenal will be heading this morning (well, hopefully they got there yesterday) to face Swansea in a game that will hopefully see Arsenal keep pressure on Manchester City, who play Norwich at the same time but, fortunately, not at the same place, because that'd be really confusing.

Anyway, we all know about Arsenal's fitness issues; fortunately, fitness issues don't play games. Players do, and this game will feature Joel Campbell as one of those players. Should be fun, right?

Arsenal vs. Swansea City
English Premier League

Liberty Stadium, Swansea

Saturday, October 31, 2015

HOW (to watch):
US Broadcast: USA (ENG), NBC Universo (ESP) | Worldwide broadcast info

WHO (to watch):
Lineups will be here soon enough