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So maybe Dan Crowley isn't garbage after all

The youth was returned to Arsenal from a loan at Barnsley. But whose decision was it?

Lionel Ng/Getty Images

Just a few days ago we had a report that highly touted youngster Dan Crowley had been returned early from a loan spell at Barnsley in League One due to a failure to make any impact in their first team, which sounded pretty much like a death knell for his chances at ever making an impact at Arsenal. It wasn't a great day.

Well, good news! It seems the reports of Crowley's (career) demise were premature.

According to Lee Johnson, Barnsley manager, Arsenal recalled Crowley; he was not sent back. In fact, not only was it Arsenal's decision to bring Crowley back, engaging a 28-day return clause, but Johnson says he'd love to have the player back, if possible.

I think that Dan’s had a fantastic time here, we’ve really enjoyed working with him, he’s probably one of the best, or the best, or most talented 18-year-olds I’ve ever seen.

Obviously I came through the ranks at Arsenal as well, so there’s players like Ashley Cole that I include in that, players that have had very good careers. For me, it was fantastic to work with him, really enjoyed it, really appreciative to Arsenal.

I think he had four or five really good effective games for us that showed his quality and where he could be...I’ve got nothing but positive thoughts about him as a lad and as a player.


Of course, as a coach I’d love to work with him someday in the future, because I believe at some point this boy will play for the England national team, if he can iron out the little bits that will come through maturing and playing in a different level.

I’m disappointed to lose him, but it’s the law.

So yeah, evidently Dan Crowley isn't total garbage! Who knew?