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Arsenal vs. Manchester United: Preview, how to watch

Is a "Big Four" match a derby? Semantics!

UEFA's trial of lead filled balls turned out to be a very bad idea
UEFA's trial of lead filled balls turned out to be a very bad idea
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

A lot of times, I find myself looking forward to Arsenal games with a sort of giddiness - I mean, Arsenal have been a really fun part of my life for 25ish years now, they're part of what makes my life great, and even when they're not playing well I really like watching them. Other times, I dread it - Cup games make me really nervous, no matter what, and any game with silverware on the line finds me a nervous wreck.

Then, there's games like tomorrow. With Manchester United being league leaders (for now at least), I know I should fear it, but I don't; I know I should get excited about it, but after Tuesday, even that is hard right now. I literally have no read on this game at all in my head, and that's very strange. It's not a harbinger of doom, necessarily, nor is it a sea change in how I view Arsenal - it's just that this is one of those games, and one of those bizarro seasons, where things could go about six different ways.

Arsenal have been playing well of late in the league, grabbing 10 of their last available 13 points, while the Manchester Anthony Martials have Anthony Martialed their way into the lead of the Anthony Martial League, or so it seems. Martial has, of course, made a stunning debut in the last month or so, which leaves Arsenal with a handful as they try to impose MARTIAL LAW geddit it's early and I didn't sleep much last night c'mon give me a break

Arteta and Flamini are reportedly out with minor leg issues, but otherwise Arsenal are healthy; Petr Cech has recovered from whatever injury may or may not have actually kept him out Tuesday and will start. On the United side, the only serious loss is Michael Carrick, but they have also played seven games in just over two weeks, so it remains to be seen what strength of side will play with Anthony Martial.

The one thing that I do suspect is that, to sound cliche-ish, there are a lot of goals in this game - both teams have been fairly clownshoes, defending-wise, in the early stretch of the season, and if that continues this game could be what they call in baseball a slugfest. Which, c'mon, admit it, would be a lot of fun - as long as Arsenal slug last and strongest.

Arsenal vs. Manchester United
English Premier League

Emirates Stadium, London

Sunday, October 4, 2015

HOW (to watch):
US viewers: NBCSN | Worldwide info