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Sheffield Wednesday vs. Arsenal, Capital One Cup 2015: Time, TV schedule and live stream

The fourth of four cups continues today. Yay?

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Life is all about priorities. Some prioritize getting enough sleep over having too much fun, some prioritize the convenience of takeout over the labor of love that is cooking, some prioritize being out in nature over being in a city. Football is no different; teams prioritize different things in different ways.

Some teams, thanks to resource constraints, prioritize preserving their league status over advancing in cups, and some teams have the luxury of prioritizing one cup over another while still being competitive in all of them. Arsenal, as we all know, are the latter, and it's great - but today's Capital One Cup definitely falls on the lower end of Arsenal's priority spectrum.

It's not that they don't care - ask the players and coaching staff, and there's no doubt they care very much. It's just that, with Arsenal being in a title race and still, somehow, being in the Champions League, the Capital One Cup doesn't rise to the top of anyone's Must Do list this week. Yet, here we are, with a game to play.

So, expect to see a lot of youngins today, alongside, strangely, Petr Cech, who must be in this game because he lost a bet. As I wrote yesterday, it should be a fun game because of the presence of The Arsenal Of Tomorrow, so sit back, enjoy, and don't stress the result too much.

This is also your match thread.

Arsenal vs. Sheffield Wednesday
Capital One Cup, Round of 16

Hillsborough, Sheffield
Tuesday, October 27, 2015
12.45PM PT/3.45PM ET/7.45PM BT (England has gone off Summer Time, so the time difference between England and the US is an hour less than it usually is)

HOW (to watch):
US: beIN Sports, (both are subscription-only)

WHO (to watch):
A new double pivot premieres: Flamara!