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Arsenal vs. Sheffield Wednesday: Preview, viewing info

It's the We Kinda Don't Care Cup!

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not pictured: running
not pictured: running
Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Writing previews for games like this is a fun little challenge. Fun, because writing is fun. Little challenge, on two fronts: first, I really don't care about the Capital One Cup, like, at all; and two, I don't know much about Sheffield Wednesday except that someday maybe Noah Syndergaard will be playing for them.

When you combine that with the fact that we don't really know who is going to be playing tomorrow but that most of Arsenal's super young kids have seen training this week, I really have no idea where to start with this preview. I think it'll be a fun game if it does end up being the young'ins, because they're fun to watch - and the fact that I really don't care about winning or losing the Capital One Cup (I didn't even know it started this week, until like Saturday) means I can just focus on the players and not worry about the bigger picture at all, which is always a relief in an otherwise stress-and-tension filled season.

I'm not just being a contrarian for the sake of it - obviously the players want to win it; obviously I want Arsenal to win. But the stakes here are soooooo low that it's one of those rare opportunities to just enjoy a game for what it is and not worry about What This Result Means, and I love games like that. So I'll be watching - I just won't be watching with regular-season intensity. Enjoy the game!

Arsenal vs. Sheffield Wednesday

Capital One Cup, Round of 16

Hillsborough, Sheffield

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
12.45PM PT/3.45PM ET/7.45PM BT (England has gone off Summer Time, so the time difference between England and the US is an hour less than it usually is)

HOW (to watch):
US: beIN Sports, (both are subscription-only)