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Want to write for The Short Fuse?

We could use some help!

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Hi! It's your buddy Thomas. How would you like for me to be your kinda-boss?

Yes, that's right. Once again, we here at The Short Fuse are looking to add to the staff. Before you get too excited, here's what we're looking for:


There's lots of stuff going on in the Arsenal world. We try to get to as much of it as possible, but we could use some help. I'm looking for someone who's available to cover things quickly, as they happen. I'm also looking for that person to be able to add something to the story – tell why an event, injury, or quote is important, or why we should (or shouldn't!) care. Keeping our readers informed on what's going on is important, but it's also important to set the context.

In short: I need people (yes, multiple spots are available) who can take news items and give me a 151+ word post or a FanShot on it with a relatively quick turnaround.


I'm assuming you all follow The Short Fuse on Twitter and Facebook, right? If not, you should be. But I'd like someone who can make the TSF social experience even better, expanding from what we do now (mostly sharing TSF site content and livetweeting games). That starts with posts – things that will start a conversation, and interest people. It could include other original social content, like images and Vines and whatever else we can cook up.

In short: I need someone (or more than one someone!) who will tweet and post to Facebook on a regular basis, and help to build a followership as well as engagement with the followers we already have.


If you're interested, shoot me an email at theshortfuseblog(at)gmail(dot)com. Let me know which position you're interested (it could be both), your availability, and a few clips or social posts that will show me what you're bringing to the table. You do not have to be a current community member to apply. Just be an Arsenal fan who's interested in writing a bunch and joining a pretty fun team.