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Happy Birthday, Manager!

Arsene Wenger turns 66 today. What would you get him, if you could find enough packing tape and stamps?

Happy birthday to a man clearly signaling for one of everything.
Happy birthday to a man clearly signaling for one of everything.
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Keen observers of British media or Twitter might have already caught wind of this -- Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is 66 today, probably feeling pretty fantastic following the most recent result his team delivered him on Tuesday. As The Sun's Dream Team FC noted, one former Arsenal player did some almost-got-it-right well-wishing.

(You'll note he did so at 4:20 am. Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.)

The official website has a tl;dr-level open letter to The Professor, while other soccer websites get into the festivities with various features and photo collections (useful, say, if you want to contribute 17 page views to the Express's pre-January transfer window numbers).

But we're a few days removed from a match against mid-table Everton (which you can delve more into here, if you like), so we wanted to offer you, the commentariat, a platform for celebration while we're working for the weekend: What would you gift our manager, if money and shipping were no option?