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Arsenal team news vs. Everton: Sick ward

It's not as bad as last year, but it's not great.

The training room? It's over there. Why?
The training room? It's over there. Why?
Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Hey! Arsenal beat Bayern! Isn't that great? Yes it is. Unfortunately, nothing's free in this world, and today Arsene outlined the cost of said victory:

- Aaron Ramsey: Hamstring problem, out until "at least the next international break". Break, as in dude can't catch one.
- David Ospina: Out probably the same time frame, with a shoulder issue.
- Jack Wilshere, Tomas Rosicky, Danny Welbeck: out until the new year

Of course, all those injuries didn't happen Tuesday; this is just the latest update on an increasingly crowded Arsenal medical room. It's nowhere near the level of the Great Injury Crisis of last season, but it's too bad that Aaron Ramsey, in particular, is injured again. I'm not ready to write him off, or to call him the Next Diaby, but I really wish he could stay healthy.