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Cannon Fodder: Your (Hopefully) Daily Links Post

A new thing!

Theo approves
Theo approves
Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

One thing we've wanted to do for a while now is a daily links post, rounding up stuff from the soccer world. New year, new initiative and all that, and DonnieKnutts brought the idea up in a comment yesterday, so we've been spurred into action.  Here's the first Cannon Fodder of 2015! I really want this to be a daily thing, but I'm not going to guarantee it - it may be 2-3x/week at first until it finds its rhythm, but hopefully as we go on it'll become a daily feature.

What will Cannon Fodder contain? Excellent question! I don't really know! What I do know is that I will try to gather links from the Premier League, from Europe, and from around soccer in general - but it won't contain much significant Arsenal stuff, which we'll continue to highlight with individual pieces as things come up.

And please, if you find something interesting from the wide, wacky, wonderful world of woccer...sorry, soccer, or even the broader sports world, drop a link to it in the comments.  Cannon Fodder will be a sort of daily free-for-all, kind of an off-topic hangout, so apart from the usual no's, it'll be a place where we can talk about whatever.

So, with that in mind, away we go!


Arsenal and their neighbors to the north don't agree on much. One thing they do agree on, though, is that selfie sticks are stupid and should not be allowed in their stadia. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I would rather watch the game than take pictures of myself watching the game.

A sentence I never thought I'd read - Southampton's manager denies he's a candidate to take over Barcelona.

Cardiff City realize that going to red kits after 114 years in blue was really dumb done purely to shift units a mistake, and will go back to blue this weekend.

Frank Lampard looks set to stay with MCFC through the end of the season, despite maybe kinda sorta having a contract with NYCFC oh wait no he doesn't I'm really confused. Hudson River Blue does a great job trying to get to the bottom of this whole mess.

Everyone's favorite...something, Emmanuel Adebayor, is apparently sniffing out a move to MLS.


Rio's plans for the Olympic soccer tournament next year may include a few more stadia than originally planned, after it was feared that the tournament would be too hard on the stadia that were selected to take part, which is good for the World Cup venues that are currently underutilized.

If what Real Madrid are in is a "crisis", then I need to redefine what a "crisis" is.

The wheels appear to be more tangibly falling off in Barcelona, but still, they're Barcelona. Not really a "crisis", but still very, very funny.