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Sanogo: En route to Bourdeaux, or an English destination?

Conflicting reports from English and French publications have the young striker going . . . somewhere.

Where will the young striker end up?
Where will the young striker end up?
Clive Rose/Getty Images

To many observers, it's clear that Yaya Sanogo could use a loan spell. The young French striker has exhibited promise (especially against teams named Benfica), but finds himself down the Arsenal depth chart, even with the recent loan of Lukas Podolski to Inter Milan.

As recently as yesterday, Sky Sports boldly proclaimed that Sanogo was headed back to his home country, with a loan to sixth-place Ligue 1 side Bourdeaux in the works -- perhaps in time for this weekend's upcoming match against Monaco (which, of course, is in Arsenal's sights for the Round of 16 Champions League home-and-away next month).

But Get French Football News, citing L'Equipe (perhaps this report from several days ago), says the move will break down as manager Arsene Wenger prefers that Sanogo take his talents to a Premier League destination.

Yesterday's Daily Mail, which also had Arsenal in for Lorient left-back Raphael Guerriero (joining the parade of rumored Ligue 1 backs set to join Arsenal), claimed that Bourdeaux president Jean Louis Tirade is looking for an answer on Sanogo tout suite.

As noted in this must-read, classic Four Four Two article about the transfer window, transfers are delicate endeavors that rely on many interlocking parts, and sometimes, they're built on a foundation of utter bullshit. In this case, though, there seems to be something to the idea of Sanogo developing with a team that can give him more minutes. Is it that Arsenal's trying to tempt a Premier League side into keeping Sanogo developing against the keepers Arsenal faces on a regular basis and to free up a roster spot for Edinson Cavani? Or is it Bourdeaux looking to get its business done early in the window? Stay tuned -- there's no fire yet, but definitely a good deal of smoke.