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Cannon Fodder: Monday

If you like football, you like Rosicky
If you like football, you like Rosicky
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images


After a weekend of giant-killings, the question has to be asked: Shouldn't the richest league in the world be better at soccer than it is?

Part of the whole "Magic of the Cup" thing is that any player can rise to an occasion for 90 minutes and become a hero. Here are a few of the more memorable ones.

Let's just say that Mario Balotelli's move to Liverpool has not gone according to plan.


"Will Real Madrid be facing a similar transfer ban to Barcelona's" is a much better headline than "Real Madrid Investigated For Shady Dealings With 12 Year Old Kids".

In other RM news, Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off in this weekend's match against Cordoba.

Speaking of transfers that haven't worked out, remember Yann M'Vila?  Nobody will remember him at all if he keeps this up.

Equatorial Guinea is hosting the Africa Cup of Nations. They're also in the quarterfinals, which is due to be played in a 5,000 seat stadium, triggering safety fears as much bigger crowds are expected thanks to the participation of the hosts.


The US Women's Team has released their schedule in the runup to the World Cup, and it includes a stop at St. Louis' Busch Stadium. No word on if the Best Fans In Baseball will be there.

New York is the center of many things in the US - just ask a New Yorker. But their MLS teams are kinda clownshoes.