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Arsenal vs. Brighton & Hove Albion: How to Watch, TV listings, Discussion

Let's all go to the seashore!

Clive Rose/Getty Images
Arsenal vs. Brighton & Hove Albion
The FA Cup
Sunday, January 25, 2015
American Express Community Stadium, Falmer, Sussex
FORM: ARS It's the Cup | BHA form doesn't matter
US TV: Fox Sports 2, foxsoccer2go | Worldwide TV listings

So, wow, yesterday. What a day. Without veering too far into cliche-land, days like yesterday are exactly why I absolutely adore the FA Cup, and why you should too. So many competitions these days are tilted towards the big fish, so many of them are designed to have the same eight or four big fish at the business end of the competition, that it's amazingly refreshing and awesome to still have an unseeded, single-pot-draw tournament, because you never know what the hell will happen.

I say this, of course, with a very wary eye on today's match; Arsenal should win, one would think, but then one would also think Chelsea would beat Bradford City and that Manchester City would beat Middlesbrough, wouldn't one? So I am taking nothing for granted. Yesterday's over; I read nothing into yesterday's results, and I'm pouring all my energy into hoping Arsenal step past the banana skins, over the land mines, past the guy poking the beehive with a stick, and gently yet confidently into the next round.