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Cannon Fodder: Mice!

how do you say "neck vein" in German
how do you say "neck vein" in German
Alex Livesey/Getty Images


On a slow news day, it's nice to have some entertaining conflict or other to write about. Thanks, Jordan Henderson and Diego Costa!

There's a package of English TV broadcast rights for Premier League games up for sale starting next month, and it turns out there's a rather odd bidder for that package.

We always knew Old Trafford was a rodent-infested pile. Now, according to the Mail, there's proof. Maybe they need some feral cats to move in.


Real Madrid: Simultaneously the richest and the most in-the-lead team in world soccer this year.

Following the Africa Cup of Nations? Here's a one stop shop. Asian Cup more your thing? Here you go! China is making waves in the latter competition, and earning fans along the way.


Hope Solo has been suspended from the US National Team for a month following her most recent off-field adventures.

The group of players that was suing FIFA over the use of turf at the Women's World Cup has dropped their lawsuit.

Want to watch a game somewhere but aren't sure where to go? NBC has you covered with a social networking app that will find and connect you with fans and viewing locations in your area.