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Tuesday Morning Cannon Fodder

It's mutual
It's mutual
Michael Steele/Getty Images

A light sack of goodies this morning, as I was internet-free for most of the weekend.  Onward!


How The Mighty Have Fallen, Vol 1: Massimo Cellino did what most people thought would be impossible: he failed English football's "fit and proper person" test for owning a team. The FA has upheld that ban on Cellino's appeal.

How The Mighty Have Fallen, Vol 2: Here's where former Scottish powerhouse Rangers are these days. It's not pretty.

You know how English soccer is all about money, branding, and fan experience now? When I was in high school, it was vastly different.

Tonight's Yesterday's Everton match will be featuring featured an...inspirational? Yeah, let's go with that. Inspirational half time message to the fans.


The Africa Cup of Nations is under way. How's it going? Fairly well, so far. The world is paying more attention to ACON than it ever has.

Cristiano Ronaldo is single again.

England and Spain have become the playthings of Saudi oil princes. But Spain's "other" big team is attracting investment interest from big Chinese money.

Bayern Munich are taking some heat - no pun intended - over a recent trip to Saudi Arabia.


MLS has long had the reputation, true or not, of being a retirement home for aging European superstars. But now that Toronto FC have signed Sebastian Giovinco from Juventus, is that starting to change at all - or is this just another Jermaine Defoe disaster-in-waiting?