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Window Shopper takes a look at: Gabriel Paulista

Is center-back depth coming in the form of this Brazilian?

Gabriel, showing his form against one of the better La Liga sides.
Gabriel, showing his form against one of the better La Liga sides.
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Name: Gabriel Paulista

Current Club: Villarreal (La Liga)

International Career: Has not won a single international cap for Brazil.

Position: Central defender, and also spells in left back from time to time.

FIFA video game rating: 72, but with the potential to get to 82. (Though that International Reputation of "very bad" is a bit worrisome. Is there a level below that, like "awful" or "stinks out loud?")

Transfermarkt value: Currently rated at 3 million euros, which translates to £2.3 million, though there's a report that he has a release clause at a slightly-more-than-that 20 million euros.

Why we're taking a look-see: According to reports yesterday, Arsenal's considering Gabriel as a potential January signing to help with the current defensive platoon situation the team's facing in light of the Mathieu Debuchy injury.

What WhoScored thinks of him: This year, he's averaging a 7.25 in Europa league matches and a 7.11 in La Liga matches. Last month, he was one of the better-rated players in a 1-0 takedown of Atletico Madrid.

What he looks like in edited-for-maximum-oooooh-factor video: Gonna apologize in advance for the music.

Spendy McWarchester Excitement Level (SMEL) Index: 3 of 10 Bags-o'-Euros, as he seems more of a stealthy Koscielny-like buy as opposed to a bring-all-the-trumpets Marcus Rojo signing.

Our two pence: Reportedly very talented, and could be a sneaky good buy -- except that if there really is a 20 million euro release clause, that's an indication that Villarreal is already aware of the value they have. (Though it seems that Gabriel, if he's so good, could be utilized by a Brazilian national team that put on the opposite of a clinic in the last World Cup.) There also seems to be a Gabriel vs. Otamendi debate brewing among people who might just be following January transfer rumors way too closely. Still, though, a discussion of defender depth and Gabriel being involved in this is more sober than, say, Cavani talk.