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Arsenal vs.Manchester City: Match Preview and TV info

It's a road trip over the Pennines.

Let's give Hector his moment in the sun
Let's give Hector his moment in the sun
Julian Finney/Getty Images

Arsenal vs. Manchester City
English Premier League
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Etihad Stadium, Etihad Road, Etihad City, England
Current Form: ARS front wheel's a bit out of true, but not enough to cause a problem | MCFC Stole Pee-Wee's bike
US TV: NBCSN | Worldwide TV:

It feels like a really long time since the Stoke match - that's the glorious part about being done with the Christmas period. One game a week, proper rest in between, soccer the way the good lord meant it to be.  This is a story of good things and bad things, namely...

Both Walcott and Özil might start.
Yaya Toure is at the Africa Cup Of Nations.
Samir Nasri will miss the game with a bad case of he's Samir Nasri so who the hell cares.

City are unbeaten in 12 games.
Sergio Aguero should be back for Manchester City.
It's a game against a title rival, which Arsenal seem to struggle with more than most.

I've given up trying to predict how these games will go; I know that on paper when healthy, Arsenal have a squad that can compete with Manchester City, but this isn't on paper, Arsenal aren't healthy, and Arsenal have it all to do if they're going to break their hoodoo against the elite of the Premier League. What better place to start than a place where they haven't won in five years, right?