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Cannon Fodder: The Sin Bin

The wide, wonderful, wacky world of soccer.

He looks like he needs sleep
He looks like he needs sleep
Clive Rose/Getty Images

See? I told you this wouldn't be an every day thing at first. It may get there, but for now, every other day seems to be a decent rhythm to be in. To the linkerator!


Did y'all watch that Everton/West Ham FA Cup game yesterday? No? You really should have. It was, as the English say, a cracker.  Which included two teammates fighting each other.

Manchester United start a new 10 year, £700 million (!) shirt deal next year, switching from Nike to Adidas. Here's a kit design that an Adidas employee seemingly sketched on a napkin in the break room.

With Rangers struggling to make it back up the Scottish ladder, the time is ripe for the lesser Scottish teams to make their mark on the Scottish Premier League.

Jermaine Defoe is coming back to England, in a swap deal with Toronto FC for Jozy Altidore, who will probably end up in Toronto, but MLS rules are byzantine enough that there's a chance he may not.


The Africa Cup of Nations starts on Saturday. Here's a guide to the teams and the groups. Side note: That's a big cup, if it holds entire nations.

It's been mentioned before, and hopefully it'll keep getting mentioned until it happens: Football needs a hockey-style penalty box for lesser infractions.


Hope Solo was cleared of all domestic violence charges.

As loath as I am to credit the Sounders with anything positive, they definitely played a part in keeping the NFL in Seattle.

NYCFC and MCFC admit they misled the public about Frank Lampard's signing.

NYCFC also announced they actually, really, truly signed Mix Diskerud.