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Cannon Fodder: Turtle Patterns

Never not funny
Never not funny
Clive Rose/Getty Images

My, what a busy week(end)! Arsenal win, leapfrog their neighbors in the table, and things are looking up. Here's today's fresh batch of linky goodness.


Arsene Wenger, Merchant Of Death. He used to sell cigarettes in his parents' pub. And smoke on the bench. Ah, the good old days.

Manchester City being investigated for suspected financial irregularities. SHOCKING I TELL YOU I AM SHOCKED

You may have your complaints about Stan Kroenke, but at least he doesn't go off on his team on Twitter after a loss.

Boy, that David Moyes sure did suck as Manchester United manager, didn't he?

QPR's Richard Dunne had a bit of a chin-wag with some traveling supporters.

Remember Remi Garde? He may be the next Newcastle manager.


Ballboys! If they're not withholding the ball from players on throw-ins, they're helping goalkeepers stop penalties.

I know who I want to win FIFA's Goal Of The Year. I mean, this is damn good.

The Copa America is being played in the US in 2016, and several cities would like to host those matches.

Oh, Puma.


Jozy Altidore is probably headed to Clusterfuck FC Toronto, because MLS.

Sacha Kljestan is also eyeing a return to the US, with New York Red Bulls and Orlando City thought to be frontrunners.

Frank Lampard finally signs a contract with NYCFC.

Did you know Indianapolis had an NASL team? You didn't? Well, they do, they're well attended after their first season, and they're trying to get a permanent stadium built. If only there were someone around here with knowledge of this situation.