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Wenger: Debuchy has dislocated shoulder (VIDEO)

After a...rough challenge from Marko Arnautovic, Debuchy faces a possible second long-term absence.

yeah, definitely no foul
yeah, definitely no foul
Clive Rose/Getty Images

It's pretty much impossible to get through a game against Stoke City without something horrible happening, whether it's losing to a team that's not all that good or it's having a player get injured for no reason. Last time it was the former, today it was the latter. Right back Mathieu Debuchy -- not long removed from returning from a nasty ankle injury -- was fouled by Marko Arnautovic, went to ground, and crashed into the sideboards, and suffered a nasty shoulder injury. Here's the incident.

So yeah, Arnautovic pretty much just shoves Debuchy down from midair, and off the actual playing surface. I'm sure it will shock you to find that not only was Arnautovic not booked for this, there wasn't even a foul called. Stoke, y'all.

According to Arsene Wenger, the early signs aren't great.

It's dislocated so it will take a while. He will have to see a specialist.


Presumably we'll go with the same strategy as the last time Debuchy was hurt, with Calum Chambers and Hector Bellerin splitting time on the right side. I'm personally hoping that we get a bit more Bellerin than Chambers, but we'll see what happens. Hopefully Debuchy won't be out too terribly long, though with a dislocation, that might be too much to ask.