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Arsenal vs. Stoke City: match thread

Arsenal look to net their first victory of the 2015 calendar year with a win versus one of the most hated clubs in England

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Sorry for the delay, everyone! Life happpens.

Anyway, in starting lineup news goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny has been dropped in favor of backup, and summer signing, David Ospina. And the three players that have been out injured who were a possibility of starting today -- Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey, and Theo Walcott -- are beginning on the substitute bench, the latter perhaps still trying to find a way to start past red-hot Santi Cazorla.

In Stoke starting lineup news who gives a shit? Fuck Stoke. The less said about them as a club and people altogether, the better. Can they please do everyone a favor and get relegated this season?

Arsenal: Ospina; Debuchy; Mertesacker (c), Koscielny, Monreal; Coquelin, Cazorla, Rosicky; Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alexis, Giroud

Subs: Szczesny, Ozil, Walcott, Ramsey, Flamini, Campbelll, Bellerin

Stoke: Fucky, Asshole, Dickhead (c), Shitbrains, Doorknob, Ballsack, Twat, Twit, Bastard, Bollocks, Shithead

Subs: Manson, Bundy, Ripper, Gacy, Borden, Son of Sam, Dahmer