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Ramsey injures achilles in UEFA qualifier


Stu Forster

According to a report from ESPN, Aaron Ramsey suffered a contact injury to his achilles tendonn late in Wales' UEFA qualifying match with Andorra today:

After turning smartly on the ball, Ramsey appeared to be caught on the back of his Achilles by a defender. The 23-year-old was brought off by manager Chris Coleman in added time and Arsenal fans will have been worried by the sight of Ramsey's limping departure.

Now, it's understandable in some ways that he was still on the pitch, as Wales were struggling to put away Andorra, a nation so tiny that its residents think there's a solar eclipse anytime a child flies a kite. And Ramsey might be okay for Saturday's match against, oh, only Manchester City:

"He got a kick and there was a twist in his ankle," Coleman said. "It was coming to the end of the game and it was pointless taking a risk with him.

"Hopefully he'll be OK for Arsenal at the weekend but we'll have to see what the next 24 to 48 hours hold."

Can we just ban international football already? It only leads to sadness. For everyone. Except Germany.

We will have updates for you as Saturday draws near.