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Sanogo sends out warning to Welbeck

Sanogo is warning the new striker that he will have to fight for his place like everyone else

Shaun Botterill

The signing of Danny Welbeck has rightfully had the fans in a celebratory spirit, as the English striker seems to be the answer to Arsenal's striking woes, at least while Olivier Giroud is out injured. Lost in the fervor though is Arsenal's other young striker, Yaya Sanogo, who has sent out a few warning shots to his new teammate about the pecking order within the team.

Speaking to L'Equipe, the French youngster states "He's [Welbeck's] going to have to battle for his place in the side," while also speaking on his own position, "Last season, I didn't doubt myself. I was more afraid of getting injured. If the coach brought me in, it's because he has faith in me."

Shedding light on his struggles and what many fans seem to forget when he struggles --he leg injury that sidelined him for almost two years as well as the fact that he's playing for Arsenal after playing in Ligue 2-- the boisterous said "I've become more solid. The defenders can be quite nasty. When you come out of Ligue 2, and you know that you're going to come up against [Manchester City's Vincent] Kompany, it's quite a thing. But I've gained in experience."

He goes on: "I needed six months to adapt. I've had quite a lot of problems. I arrived on one leg. It's been difficult to adapt to the league. There's a lack of confidence, perhaps a bit of pressure too. You're 21 and you play up front for Arsenal, it's not easy."

Hopefully Sanogo's words are more than that and he continues to improve and prove his critics wrong, letting the signing of Welbeck drive him more than hamper his development. He does shed some light on some of the harsh criticism that he's received so far, given his predicament, it is hardly fair to lay so much blame on his shoulders.