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Danny Welbeck scores twice for England vs. Switzerland

Save some for the weekend, buddy.

Laurence Griffiths

If you forgot, this time last week we were all waiting on pins and needles to see whether Arsenal would be able to complete their deadline day move for Danny Welbeck (or at least I was). Well, they did, and a week later he's scoring goals already. Though they're not for Arsenal, at least not yet.

That's a pretty good-looking goal, unless you're Swiss. The finish looks to have been applied by the shin of Welbeck, which the last time I checked is a part of the body with which it is legal to strike a football. He then ran over to a couple of his new teammates to celebrate.

That's Calum Chambers and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, if you can't tell. And that's Danny Welbeck doing finger guns. Because now he's a Gunner. get it? Anyway, whether he's made an appearance for Arsenal yet or not, it's always good to see our guys doing good things on international duty.

UPDATE: He's done it again! Welbeck with a brace, and England win 2-0. Here's your second Welbz goal: