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Arsenal considering free agent solution at center back?

Hey, it's probably better than nothing!

still wish this goal had counted
still wish this goal had counted
Jamie McDonald

So, remember deadline day? Remember how everyone wanted another defender? Remember how people were saying they basically just wanted a warm body at the back, and that even something like the Mikael Silvestre or Sebastien Squillaci deals of the Banter Era would be better than nothing?

Well, according to the Express, Arsenal are considering signing a free agent to fill the "emergency fourth center back" role and the top name on the list right now is former AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, and (most recently) Atalanta defender Mario Yepes. Yepes is 38 years old, which is Not Ideal, but he is fresh off a stint in the World Cup with Colombia (and possible future Arsenal teammate David Ospina) in which he captained the team and played the full 90 minutes in four of their five matches.

This would obviously not be anyone's first choice, but I suppose once you're in this position, you look for the available solution that's most likely to work. I have more faith in this playing out positively than in bringing in a youth player at the moment, so I suppose I'm down with the idea. I'm not entirely convinced it's actually going to happen, though, so I wouldn't get too excited/distraught over it just yet.