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Theo Walcott is a week away from full training

We edge another half-step closer to the winger's return.

evidently this was only partial training today
evidently this was only partial training today
Paul Gilham

Theo Walcott's return to action for Arsenal has been a long one, but we're officially almost to the light at the end of the tunnel now. According to Arsene Wenger, Walcott will return to full training next week, with the aim being a return to game action after October's international break. Wenger had this to say:

Walcott is joining in full training next week. It's very good news. Serge Gnabry as well. It's a big thing for us. Let's not forget that Theo got injured on January 1 and we are now in October. That's 10 months and we had to wait for a long time. Hopefully now we will have no more setbacks.

The game during which Walcott was injured was actually on January 4, but I'm not splitting hairs over that. The point is that this is actually slightly better news than we had before, as the expectation only about a week ago was that Walcott wouldn't be in full training again until after the break. Basically it looks like he's a week or two ahead of schedule, which is awesome considering some of the rotten injury news we've had lately.

Now there's only one question left to answer: can Theo play as a defender or a central midfielder?