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Alexis Sanchez really wants to play against Tottenham Hotspur

Arsenal's new star forward seems pretty excited for his first North London Derby.

you don't get abs like that by taking breaks, y'all
you don't get abs like that by taking breaks, y'all
Friedemann Vogel

Alexis Sanchez played on Tuesday against Southampton in the Capital One Cup, if you'll recall. Typically that would mean that he'd be held out of training after, for up to a couple of days, to allow him some time to rest. Of course, if you've watched Alexis at all since he came to Arsenal, you know by now that his work rate is insane to the point where I'm starting to wonder whether he's an antimatter-powered android of some kind, rather than a human person. So it may not shock you to find out that, according to Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainAlexis tried to sneak back into training early to get ready for the North London Derby against Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow.

That just sums up how much everyone wants to be around the squad and training, and I think he knew we had a massive game coming up this weekend and, as a new boy, it's good that he does know that.

Obviously everyone else that's been here and been involved in a north London derby knows how big a game it is, so that just proves the intensity goes up in training and everyone just wants to be around and pushing for a start.

Alexis basically had to be told by coaches not to train. Of all the problems to have with a player, I think that's a pretty decent one (as long as the player listens, I guess). Either way, I don't think we'll have to worry about his commitment to the cause if he should get to play tomorrow, which I assume is the plan.