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Theo Walcott inches closer to Arsenal return

Once again, he should be only weeks from returning.

Clive Brunskill

A few weeks ago, we heard from Theo Walcott that he hoped to be back with Arsenal and fit in "a matter of weeks." He's not necessarily wrong, but it's taken longer than my excited prediction (NOTE: it wasn't actually a prediction I expected would come true) of being ready to play this weekend against Tottenham Hotspur. Still, there was some good news from manager Arsene Wenger today on Theo's timetable.

Theo is doing very well...[he] should be available after the international break for full training.

Again, there's some good news and some bad news here. The good news is that the next international break is early next month, meaning Walcott is probably really only about two weeks from coming back into full match training. The bad news is that Theo will miss facing not only Tottenham, but another club he typically performs well against -- the last match before that break is Arsenal's trip to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea.

Still, he's coming steadily closer to a return, and that can mean only good things from Arsenal. Even with the introduction of Alexis Sanchez, Danny Welbeck, and their pace, this team is missing something when Theo Walcott is not in it. Hopefully he can be back to his best before too much longer.