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Arsenal announce Danny Welbeck's shirt number

It's the best number available, probably.

hint: it's not 11, that one's taken
hint: it's not 11, that one's taken
Richard Heathcote

It's a little bittersweet that this is going to be the last of these this summer. I'm not sure why, but they've been among my favorite posts this transfer window -- probably because I'm weirdly OCD about kit numbers, and I like getting new players and this is kind of the last step to making it real. Also I think it's funny that Arsenal announces these via Instagram, because two years ago it would have been insane and today, nobody questions it.

Okay, to the main event. Danny Welbeck's shirt number. Drum roll, please.

Following in the footsteps of such luminaries as Ray Parlour, Sol Campbell, and Andrey Arshavin. I actually looked at the available numbers last night and figured this was going to be the one he ended up with -- it's the lowest number available that makes any sense for a striker. If we'd put him in the number 5 shirt, I might have gone to London to protest.