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Mathieu Debuchy will miss months with ankle injury

The number of months seems to be somewhat up in the air.

know that feeling, dog
know that feeling, dog
Shaun Botterill

Mathieu Debuchy went down with an ankle injury at the end of Arsenal's 2-2 draw against Manchester City on Saturday, and the original prognosis was "not good." Now we have a little bit more clarity as to what exactly that means, though it's still not crystal clear as we have different reports saying different things (which should shock absolutely nobody).

He's had significant ligament damage to his left ankle, which will leave him out of action for a number of months. Most sources are saying two months, which would allow him to start looking at a return around the middle of November. That's what we have from the Daily Mail and MetroJohn Cross in the Mirror, however, is a bit less sanguine in comparison. He's guessing three months, or reporting, or whatever the hell it is that these people do.

In short, we're probably going to have to wait a bit longer still to hear anything definitive, as Cross says Debuchy will find out at some point today the full extent of the injury. But as we already expected, we're going to be without him for a good while.