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Arsenal vs. Man City: Match Thread and Lineups

Good God, it's early -- but so glad to have you back, Premier League.

Well, well, Welbeck!
Well, well, Welbeck!
Shaun Botterill

After an interlull in which Aaron Ramsey had his fitness tested by Andorrans, new Arsenal signing Danny Welbeck scored a brace against Switzerland, and Arsene Wenger told the media the Welbeck signing might have not happened if he hasn't been up so early to travel to Rome for that charity match, we are back to Premier League action with a serious, serious challenge for our lads in red and white.

Questions: Will Arsenal fare better against Top Six teams this year? Will Arsenal fare better in early Saturday contests this year? How will Welbeck fit into the team, and how many puns on well will that lead to? Will Özil ever be deployed through the middle again? Will Arsenal fans ever tire of hating Samir Nasri? If we win this match, will there be fresh new title talk from the pundits? And will Arsenal's 19-game unbeaten streak at the Emirates remain intact?

(Seriously, a 19-game streak!)

Your answers start this morning, 7:45 ET, increasingly terrible times as you move farther west, on NBCSN.

Here are the lineups. Lampard's starting for City. Welbeck's starting for Arsenal. Sagna's on the visitors' bench. Welcome to the new era.