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Arsenal find unorthodox centerback solution

Over a week after the transfer deadline has passed, Arsenal finally have a fourth centerback ready.

get ready
get ready
Laurence Griffiths

Since the sale of Thomas Vermaelen, Arsenal have been a bit thin at the back. Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker are unquestioned quality on the back line, and Calum Chambers has impressed as a young deputy. But three centerbacks isn't really enough to challenge on all the fronts in which Arsenal are engaged, and the summer transfer window came and passed without another solution coming in. Free agents have been considered, but has the answer been under our noses all along?


Yes, Wojciech Szczesny posted this on Facebook. He's training as a centerback. It's all happening. And it gets better: earlier today, the lead image on the Arsenal website was David Ospina in training.


See? They're preparing us. This is clearly a real and true thing that's going to actually happen.

Of course, when you think about it, and think back to some of Szczesny's displays of prodigious skill like this, maybe this could actually work. I'm calling Arsene.