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Ramsey ankle scare: "I'll be all right"

Despite a kick and a rolled ankle in Andorra, the Arsenal midfielder hopes to be fit to face Manchester City.

Stu Forster

There were major fears over a possible ankle injury to Aaron Ramsey in the dying moments of Wales' Euro 2016 qualifier against Andorra yesterday, after he took a kick to the ankle and rolled it on the artificial pitch the game was played on. But both Ramsey and Wales manager Chris Coleman tried to allay Arsenal fans' worries after the match. Immediately after, Coleman had this to say:

And Ramsey agreed.

I'll be alright - the pitch was very hard. There's no give in it so I rolled my ankle a bit. Hopefully it will be nothing and I'll be available for Saturday. These are the games you want to play in and I'm looking forward to it.

It's certainly not a guarantee, so we'll probably have to wait a couple of days to know what's going to happen on the weekend. But for the moment, it appears that it wasn't quite as bad as Twitter made it sound last night.

In case you were curious, by the way, I think Aaron really appreciates the Arsenal grounds crew.

I don't know how you could play football on that pitch to be honest. Normally we play quick and play the ball on the floor, playing around teams, but we couldn't do that. It was bobbly so it was very difficult. The main thing is we came here and won. Now we can move on and play on grass next time.

I'm not sure why you'd think these dudes would be able to grow grass, but frankly I feel like as a founding member of the Federation, you should at least make an effort.