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Sky: Arsenal get deadline extension

We're going a little longer, it appears.

a person doing paperwork
a person doing paperwork

According to Sky Sports, Arsenal have applied for and received an extension to the summer transfer window, presumably to allow for the completion of the Danny Welbeck transfer. It looks like the reason behind it is Manchester United not allowing the deal to be completed until their own Falcao deal with AS Monaco is complete, and frankly I have no idea why that one hasn't been completed yet.

This is all reminding me of the Andrey Arshavin transfer, where a blizzard led to Arsenal receiving an extension to the January transfer window. I'll admit that, while I did like Arshavin, I'm hoping Welbeck's Arsenal career ends better than Arshavin's did. Though I'll admit that I could totally go for a four-goal performance against Liverpool.

Anyway, God only knows when this mess will actually all be done. We'll be around until it is, and any further developments will be reported, since I don't really have anything better to do.

EDIT: Ornstein speaks.