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Arsenal chasing late defender signing?

Arsenal may be after another player before the transfer window closes.

Clive Mason

While it appears more and more that Danny Welbeck is coming to Arsenal, there's still another position that many, if not all, Arsenal fans think needs to be filled before the transfer window closes. That position would be the center of defense. While few have qualms about the first choice players at the position, the concerns come in when you look past that. Calum Chambers has been good as a deputy, but beyond that there's essentially nothing.

Enter -- potentially -- Matija Nastasic. Out of favor at Manchester City, Nastasic is relatively young, a quality player, and available. Wayne Veysey thinks we're after him.

This person also thinks things are going down, but I don't really know him (I think he's one of the lesser ITKs, which would explain that) so I actually trust him less than Veysey.

Sky Sports has been all over the place today, but they're on the other side here.

Jeremy Wilson says we're done buying as well.

And if, in fact, Sky is right, Wilson is wrong, and Veysey isn't full of it, there might be another option available.

So yeah, there's a little less than twenty minutes left to see what actually happens. It should be...I don't know, fun? Something like that.