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BBC: Arsenal, Manchester United agree Welbeck transfer fee

According to the BBC, Arsenal and Manchester United have agreed on a deal for the striker.

Julian Finney

According to the BBC's liveblog of deadline day, Arsenal and Manchester United have agreed a fee for the permanent transfer of striker Danny Welbeck. They report the fee is £16 million, which I'm entirely okay with for a pretty young striker who's had decent success when actually allowed to play through the middle.

Here's the thing from their blog, in case it crashes or something:


Sky is also reporting the deal closing in on completion, calling it "very close" and corroborating that it is a permanent deal, rather than a loan -- though now it looks like they're walking it back, because evidently they have no clue what's going on. We've also got the Telegraph on the case:

So we'll see if player and team are able to negotiate a deal in the next hour and a half or so, and complete this transfer. The Ornacle seems to think that should happen.

We'll have it as it happens.