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Kristoffer Olsson set to join FC Midtjylland on loan

David Ramos

Arsenal youth midfielder and Swedish youth international Kristoffer Olsson is off to the Danish Superliga, according to the twitter box:

FC Midtjylland came in third last year in the Danish top flight, and their midfield contains a man with the last name Sparv who wears the number three on his kit. That about wraps up our coverage of FC Midtjylland for today! As for how this move impacts Arsenal, well, the first team won't be affected at all with the possible exception of League Cup matches, where Olsson had at least made the bench if not the starting XI for the past couple of years. Olsson is one of those players on the fringes of the team, and it was never likely he was going to make the senior side on the regular, so this move is probably for the best for both Arsenal and the player, unless he tears the Superliga apart and Arsenal have to reassess.

Best of luck, Mr. Olsson!