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Sky: Arsenal deny Welbeck interest

According to the club, there's nothing going on here. Are they to be trusted?

Duane Burleson

If there's one thing that I've learned in my time following the transfer markets, it's that if a team denies something, it doesn't really mean a whole lot. It can mean a lot of things -- they don't want to torpedo a deal that's meant to be secret, they don't want stuff getting out before it's close to done, or that it's actually not real. Which is why I'm treating this with some doubt:

So yeah, the club is telling people nothing's happening, but in reality that doesn't mean a whole lot. I'd ignore anyone saying the deal's off because of this, as clearly this is their first rodeo.

Jamie Jackson, who writes about Manchester stuff for the Guardian, says otherwise:

He's not infallible, but I'll trust a journalist of at least mild repute over club denials today. Watch this space.