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Welbeck agent claims he wants a permanent move, not a loan

It gets a little weirder.

Michael Regan

Reports are now coming through that Danny Welbeck wants a permanent move and not a loan deal, which from an Arsenal standpoint would be preferred, clearly, but from a Manchester United standpoint makes very little sense:

United's current strikeforce consists of a graying Robin van Persie, a Wayne Rooney, and possibly a recently-broken and not-very-young-either Radamel Falcao, and Javier Hernandez might as well be the dark side of the moon at this point. While sending Welbeck to a rival on loan for a year makes some sense, selling him outright to Arsenal makes far less sense from a United point of view, but many jaded United fans seem to think this is exactly the kind of thing the Glazers are likely to do.

Things are getting weird, and there is certainly more to come to light about this in the next few hours.