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Report: Danny Welbeck deal a £6m loan

Mark Thompson

According to the Daily Mail, Arsenal's move for Danny Welbeck is a loan deal worth £6 million:

With Welbeck reportedly also on close to £100,000 a week of wages, it's a bit of a pricey move for the Gunners, and many Manchester United fans are rejoicing that it's only a loan and that their rumored loan deal for Radamel Falcao is "better" because it's only for £5 million, although they should take note that Falcao's wage demands are probably at least three times those of the England international.

There are conflicting rumors right now about whether this loan comes with an option to buy, and hopefully it does, because otherwise it seems a bit strange that Arsenal would pull the trigger given that players like Alvaro Morata did not arrive on loan in London for that very reason. As the picture becomes more clear, we will have more.